Northwestern University Therapist-in-Training Students Offer Affordable Counseling

Marianne Tomlinson Therapy, LLC is proud and honored to be working with one of the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning and research. Marianne Tomlinson Therapy, LLC has been selected as a practicum and internship training site by the Family Institute at Northwestern University for students enrolled in their innovative online Master of Arts in Counseling p rogram. Appointments are now being accepted with Northwestern University's therapists-in-training.

The practicum and internship programs are an integral component of clinical training. These experiences provide a closely supervised clinical experience in which therapists-in-training use the knowledge obtained in classes to understand their clients and to develop skills in assessment, psychotherapy and other discipline-related areas. As such, the practicum and internship serve to integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of the education of the professional clinical counselor. These trainings also allow therapists-in-training to become familiar with professional collaboration and consultation in a clinical setting. The overall goals of the practicum and internship are for therapists-in-training to develop their diagnostic and case conceptualization skills through practical application.

Meet Laura!


Laura is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Counseling at Northwestern University and received her B.S. at Northern Illinois University in Public Health. Upon graduation from NIU, she extended her knowledge in wellness practices by training in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine at Kanyakumari in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Laura has worked in health and wellness ever since, with over a decade of consulting clients on integrative measures to bring balance into everyday life.

Laura's personal philosophy and approach to counseling is that we have an inborn wisdom which can become clouded for many reasons. Sometimes, it is helpful to have another person, such as a skilled and caring counselor, assist us in sorting through and removing what is blocking our vision.

In session, Laura creates a space that feels warm, inviting, and safe as she believes nurturing environments are essential for you to feel comfortable sharing your story. She is especially interested in working with those with stress, anxiety, relationship/interpersonal problems, life transitions and women's issues.

To make an appointment with Laura, call Marianne at 630-337-6571.

What Does Working With a Therapist-In-Training Mean For Me?

If you are looking for quality, low-cost counseling, working with a graduate level therapist-in-training in this program may provide you with what you are looking for. These students receive intensive supervision by Marianne Tomlinson and the faculty of Northwestern University. As a client, you will be exposed to cutting-edge therapies and years of experience.

Can a therapist-in-training really help me?

Yes, feedback from clients confirms high levels of satisfaction with the therapy they receive.

How does supervision help me?

Your therapist-in-training will meet weekly with a skilled supervisor who will review your goals and progress in therapy and make suggestions for how your therapy stays on track to meet your goals.

Is there anything special about the therapy I would receive?

Yes, your therapist-in-training will be practicing a state-of-the-art approach designed to address your goals systematically and with compassion.

How long will therapy last?

The length of therapy varies depending on your goals; however, your therapist-in-training will work to make your therapy as efficient as possible. Most clients are helped within 16 sessions or less.

So, what is the cost?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies won’t cover the cost of sessions with a therapist-in-training. But, because you would be choosing to work with a student, you would get a reduced fee. All sessions would be offered on a fee-for-service basis. For more information, you can call Marianne Tomlinson at 630-337-6571.

All coursework and clinical training for this program is based on standards set forth by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

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