Children and Teens

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Every Child Deserves to Thrive!

Is your child struggling?

Childhood and adolescence should be a time of happiness, good health, success in school, and positive relationships with family and friends. Yet, many parents have real concerns about the behavior and emotional development of their children and teens. In addition, many young people experience considerable stress in their lives that may come from a variety of sources. Our goal is to provide excellent mental health care to children, adolescents, and families. We use state of the art treatment methods with respect to the unique cultural context of the family and their community. As clinicians, we work as a collaborative team demonstrating mutual respect to ensure the best and most appropriate level of care. We are dedicated to providing compassionate services to host a better quality of life for our families in our community.

Does Your Child Experience Any of These Issues?

Behavior problems at school or at home

School adjustment difficulties

Depression or anxiety

Problems with peers or siblings

Adjustment to life stresses (divorce, illness, death)

Inattention and/or hyperactivity problems

Family communication difficulties

Serious emotional problems

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