Energy Medicine/Jin Shin Tara

Energy Medicine
Energy medicine recognizes energy as a vital, living, moving force in the body that is at the foundation of our physical and psychological well-being. It is a very new field with very old roots. Energy medicine works directly with the electromagnetic and more subtle energies that orchestrate health, emotions, and behavior. It is proving to be an effective, powerful, and surprisingly precise way of improving  health, enhancing performance and increasing the joy in one's life.

Jin Shin Tara

Marianne has trained with Dr. Stephanie Mines, author of the Tara Approach and of the book, We Are All In Shock.  Dr. Mines has taken the Japanese Healing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and has applied it to today's world. Most people don't necessarily see themselves as being in shock. Dr. Mines suggests that if you live in a human body within an advanced technological society, your body probably reverberates from shock. The level of stress in modern cultures has direct and profound impact on the human energy system. Though you may not be aware of them, echoes of past and present stress and shock are nestled in your biochemistry, and they limit you. They limit your adaptability, flexibility, creativity, judgment, and capacity for joy. You can do a great deal to change your biochemistry in ways that will heal you and free you.

By utilizing the power of touch, balance is brought to the body's energy, promoting optimal health and well-being, facilitating our own profound healing ability. The Art of Jin Shin Tara is a simple and powerful tool, as well as a valuable complement to conventional healing methods.

A Jin Shin Tara session lasts about one hour. This gentle art is practiced by placing the fingertips (over clothing) on designated pathways, to restore and harmonize an energy "flow." During each session, self-help techniques will be offered for home use.

Positive changes that are most common include: relaxation and well-being to body & spirit, increased stress resilience, better coping, improved mood, relief from pain, and increase in mental and physical energy.

Holographic Memory Resolution

Trauma impacts our lives more that you may think or believe. The memory of trauma can become lodged anywhere in your body-mind and result in both physical and emotional illnesses. It affects your outlook, behavior, concentration, self-esteem and decision making abilities. It is essential to work through both physical and energetic bodies in order to truly heal. The Holographical Memory Resolution (HMR) system was developed by Brent Baum to heal the mind-body by separating the memory of a profoundly stored experience from its emotional impact. Trauma steals from people the ability to feel safe and navigate relationships and life decisions successfully. When that normal process gets disrupted, Holigraphic Memory Resolution can help to put it back on track. Marianne has completed Levels I and II Trainings in Holographic Memory Resolution with Brent Baum.

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