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Marriage and Mental Illness
I recently had the honor of seeing the play, Beautiful - The Carole King Musical. It is an outstanding show and of course, tells the story of Carole King’s early song writing career. But the show also tells the story of the destruction of her marriage to her husband, Gerry Goffin. The two together made a brilliant song writing team and had many number one hits performed by some of the top artists of the time. However, during the show, there were hints that Gerry suffered from mental illness.
11 Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage
Every year, there are more than two million weddings in the United States—occasions full of hope and excitement as a couple embarks on their new union. But then there is also this sobering statistic: ever year, there are about one million divorces across the country
Men's Depression Can't Be Fixed With Duct Tape
Men often believe that they have to be strong and in control of their emotions at all times. When men feel hopeless, helpless or overwhelmed, they tend to deny or cover up their feelings by drinking too much, behaving recklessly, or exploding with anger. Depression in men is a common condition. The first step to recovery is to understand there’s no reason to feel ashamed. Men can then face the challenge head on and begin working to feel better.
Women’s Issues Today
So you find yourself in the hospital, in labor with your first child. You are also a college student. You have an online exam that must be completed before the end of the day, during the same time your contractions are 3 minutes apart. All you can think about is the life you want to provide for your soon-to-be born little one. So, you breathe through each contraction, non-medicated, and putting the pain aside, you continue your way through the exam. You finish, get a passing grade AND manage to bring another life into the world. What an astonishing accomplishment! Bravo! Right?